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Susan Wadsworth

Susan Wadsworth is an artist with a concern for the environment combined with a love of vivid, and playful, artworks. She uses the everyday debris of our society in imaginative ways, collecting and transforming found objects into formal compositions of three-dimensional pieces. This can include toys, plastic bags, broken calculators, sweet wrappers and much more. She calls this process 'recycollage'. 
Susan also creates paintings and prints influenced by urban art, such as graffiti and cartoons, as well as by reoccurring natural motifs. She uses a range of mediums, including hand painted linoprints, collage and mixed media. Susan's creations are invariably exuberant, often colourful, and frequently puckish.
Susan gained her BA Hons degree in Fine Art at Newcastle Polytechnic during the 70's, with a focus on painting and printmaking. She has been through a range of artistic disciplines since, bringing to each her playful individuality. Susan ran a successful screen making company, in which she created commissions and experimented with styles. Her work has been stocked in Harrods and featured in magazines such as 'House and Garden'. After a period working in garden design, Susan now works on her art full-time from her purpose built studio in South London. Susan's house has become a favourite on the 'Dulwich Open House' route for her vivid creations, which she combines with a playful approach to home decor. This includes, but is not limited to, four 'recycollage' robots on the garage door, and many of Susan's hangings.
Visit Susan’s website to view more of her work:
Further images available on request.


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