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Ostinelli & Priest

The perfect opportunity to see two artists working as one, drawing on their individual talents and strengths, they have established a catalogue of work that is both popular and collectable, selling both nationally and internationally, also being shorted listed this year for the David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation Artist of The Year, selling at the Mall Galleries on the preview evening.Their work is available from galleries, major festivals and through private commissions.Inspiration is drawn from nature, using texture, rhythm and colour into the clay to convey movement and humour.

How the animals are made.

A wooden armature is made to support the piece being made whilst drying.   The 3mm hardboard simply slots onto the upright, the armature is not fixed in any way.  This allows the finished piece to be lifted off the stand for firing.Bubble wrap is then applied in equal measures from both sides to form the shape of the animal.  6mm softwood dowelling is then covered in cling wrap and taped to the side of the armature to form legs.Thin sheets of clay are then applied over the bubble wrap to create the desired sculpture and modelling.   The bubble wrap hardboard and dowelling burns away in the kiln in the first firing.The work is then coloured, firing again several times to build up the desired effect.   Steel rods are inserted into the legs to give strength when the piece is finished.



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