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David England

Born in the Black Country, near Dudley, in 1954. David was surrounded by industry; chain and nail making in the backyards of the terraced houses and the huge potteries in Staffordshire.

He was creative at school but with little guidance or experience of how to turn this into a profession he started working in a bookshop. His love of reading books led to him making books and initially to two-dimensional work. When David moved to Hereford in 1993 he discovered stone and since then has mainly worked in three-dimensional sculpture.
Living and working in South Hereford since 1993.
"My roots are amongst the chain and nailmakers of South Staffordshire.
No formal art training beyond school, but have painted seriously since I was about ten years old.
I’ve had regular exhibitions since the early eighties but only found my need to carve stone about fifteen years ago.
I was attracted to the box collage, with it’s combination of two and three dimensional work. It was a matter of removing the glass and having a go with larger lumps of rock.
Besides the human figure I return to certain themes on a regular basis:
Mermaids, Green Men, Hares and Wild Boar……..things of the earth.
I still paint.To be quite honest, pencil is still my favourite medium."

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