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Cathy Newell Price

Jewellery designs inspired by the natural world; birds, flowers and insects all feature.  I am especially  interested in plants, this is not surprising as my degree was in Plant Science. The materials I use are precious metals, vitreous enamel and some gemstones. Techniques used to make these pieces are varied - on some the relief designs are formed by casting molten silver directly onto hand carved moulds, this is a technique that has taken considerable refinement and development in order to produce a useable and refined result. Some of these are then enamelled to give them colour, or oxidised to highlight the texture.  Other pieces are made by the lost wax process,hand piercing and fabrication, stamping and roll printing with hand made plates before enamelling the surface. 

I am self-taught and have been making jewellery for over 30 years.  I set up my business in 2000 and have been working full time as a maker ever since.


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