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Andrew Lansley

Andrew Lansley’s works are executed in egg tempera and watercolour. His focus is on landscape, marine and architectural subjects. 
Work is generated from a synthesis of momentary impulses based in memories and direct impressions of the landscape. The source of his inspiration is the creative spirit itself as manifest in the fabric of nature and as such there is a conversation being had between inner and outer worlds as the work process evolves. Paintings are often conceived in a moment and then take time to unfold. In using raw pigments combined with a variety of mediums he achieves a direct connection to the elemental quality of landscape. Working in this way can be explosively fast and at other times meticulously analytical. 
"Andrew Lansley's egg tempera landscapes show a distinct presence in the British tradition of draughtsmanly painting. Subjects and colours seek outer edges: a small boat abandoned in a sea of grasses; refulgent fields and trees ghostly under solar eclipse; last leaves wind shredded above richer browns of hillside ferns. Lansley's art opens painting to music's dimension of time.'
           Jerrold Northrop Moore - author of The Green Fuse: Pastoral Vision in English Art 1820-2000, and biographer of Elgar, Vaughan Williams and F.L Griggs.
He won the 2016 Royal Watercolour Society Exhibitions Award and has exhibited at the Royal Academy, RWA and numerous shows at the Mall Galleries, including RI, RSMA, NEAC, RBA, Sunday Times Watercolour and Lynn Painter Stainers Prize. He is also the owner of WalkAndDrawBath, which aims to facilitate others' creative process.

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